We also offer for ACP Cladding work where we want to show a good look with safety purpose. Here we can also use the ACP sheets with glass. You may get here the many color of sheets as your choice & glass as you required. We can use glass here of different color & looks it may toughned also which increase the durability of structure.

We design & provide ACP Cladding work on structure made aluminium, M.S. & other metal frame according to requirements of clients & with consultation of professionals. Which provide safety from air and water infiltrate. It can be use or modified as per the client requirement & other circumstances.

ACP cladding has a greater tendency to sparkle when used in the interior of buildings. ACP claddings have great usage in areas like small and large domestic and commercial spaces. These days ACP cladding is available in numerous attractive designs which gives it a contemporary look and feel.

ACP cladding is known for its strong physical property, and that’s why it has widespread usage. Moreover, ACP cladding withstands any weather condition and is not prone to rust. Using an ACP Cladding in your home is a great option since, besides these properties, ACP cladding has both the properties of heat and noise insulation.

The weight of construction material will influence the gross cost of construction. This is because of the fact that you need either equipment or means of transportation for moving the dense material to the site and the process doesn’t end there. Then the workers have to move it, which consumes a significant amount of time. Most commonly preferred options besides an ACP cladding are timber, vinyl and much more, known for its weight. And a great option for all these is the ACP panel.

ACP cladding is known for its durability and lasts up to a span of 30 years. Because of its strong nature, it can be shaped any way you like. When combined with other metals, aluminium gains more endurance.

We offer Aluminium Composite panels (ACP) that can stand with heavy weather conditions along with soundproof features with great permanence. Also, the panels are made ensuring safety and are not easily prone to fire. Besides, ACP cladding and Aluminium Cladding requires no maintenance and can remains its texture for a long period of time. What you only need to do is an occasional wiping.

When it comes to cutting or changing the shape, ACP cladding is always the most preferred one. As far as being exposed to the air is concerned, ACP is highly reliable for the aluminum oxide layer it forms. This exposure safeguards the ACP panel from getting damaged with rusts and issues of corrosion. Though the ACP panel is slim and lightweight in nature, one can thicken through the process of anodization. No need is to worry about the endurance of this effect as ACP doesn’t get affected due to the effects of the sun.

People looking for an easy-to-maintain material can undoubtedly have trust in ACP Cladding. For its characteristic of not catching dust, maintaining its cleanliness is never a big deal. Only rare cleaning can also keep it perfectly glossy.